When clients asking Outdoor Furniture Prices from KR, quite a few buyers seek advise from us about the trade terms. Here you may find clear answers, especially for the new to importing.

Importing Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture from KR Outdoor Furniture FactoryWhen it comes to importing furniture from China, we all know that the most common mode for shipping is by sea. So when you request a quote, there are several trade terms you need to know. How much of the shipping you pay us depends on the terms of trade you select. We as supplier handle the goods transportation to

  1. EXW. No further place but KR Factory. No shipping costs or export fees in China are included in this price.
  2. FOB. A nearby port in China, mostly base on Shenzhen or Guangzhou.
  3. CIF. Includes sea freight charges and insurance to deliver the goods anearby port in your country.
  4. CNF. Similar to CIF, only this time insurance is not included.


Suggestion from KR

Commonly, if you have an office in China or any buying/cargo agent who can help to assist you manage the transportation, EXW would be available for you.

The difference between EXW and FOB is if we handle the internal trucking to the port and prepare customs documents.

* We usually quote EXW or FOB price at the beginning, and are flexible in providing different price based on different term upon your request.

By the way, if you are brand new to importing Outdoor Furniture, let us help to handle the delivery as far as possible. Then you can focus on booming your business. Simple but costly.


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