Import and Export Trade Fair

Canton Fair

In the old days, orders would keep pouring in as long as the enterprise willing to invest in Canton Fair. A real story talk that once a couple took their children in the booth; the husband was responsible for collecting money and the wife for sending out goods, business were thriving that they did not even know the boy was lost, fortunately they found the child at last. This story concludes the status of the past.

At the moment however, the exhibition is nowhere near that good. That has led some firms to dub them “chicken ribs” – tasteless when eaten but a pity to throw away. It is perhaps a little effect for small and medium-size enterprises, but for large companies it decrease. Nowadays, the more feedback we get is that “the customers are missing this trade fair” and “customer demand a low price again this year”. Finally we conclude that foreign trade business is falling.

However, this is not the case. China export business is indeed not easy as it used to be, but if we focus only on trade fair, the customers who attract from the fair are just those people who coming to get lower price. Nevertheless, the real high quality clients wouldn’t come at all now.