The balcony usually is located on the ground floor and is not large enough for entertainment. You can decorate according to personal aesthetics with furniture, greenery, and small décor. A morning glimpse of the neighborhood, an afternoon tea and a glass of wine under a starry night—you can do all of this on the balcony. You can enjoy an aerial view while doing whatever the things you love. It is also a good place to immerse in a book and do some gardening, especially if you don’t have a yard. Some people even put up the clothesline in this structure! This article is writing something about decorating a small balcony with outdoor furniture.

Small Balcony and Outdoor FurnitureIs it possible to turn a small balcony into a charming nook with some Outdoor Furniture Set? The answer is sure! You’re lucky to be alive in an age when there’s affordable outdoor furniture in almost every home improvement center. After you solve the furniture problem, some old tires, reclaimed wood, and many other things with manual processing is a great solution for decor to stay within the budget!


But what if you are faced with two constraints: limited space and a limited budget? Though there are varies of different material outside seating for your option. How to find the Mr. Right style? Turning your small balcony into your own slice of paradise shouldn’t be too expensive. Creativity and patience in searching for thrift options should be overcome the space and financial constraints.  It is quite important to find styling furniture for your furnishing. Here are some casual patio furniture experts from the professionals:


Choose eco-friendly and light outdoor casual style furniture

For a casual style, choose a faux bamboo (aluminum frame), synthetic rattan can style furniture with stacking designs, chic and comfortable round lounge chairs, etc. Unlike the teak and outdoor wooden material, this kind furniture all is environmentally friendly and with the relatively reasonable price. What’s more, they feature lightweight yet very strong last for years if you have high-quality standard products.

Stackable Balcony Furniture

Use Stackable Resin Wicker Furniture

Wicker is sort of woven furniture made from bamboo, rattan, reed or willow. However, here we mean the high-density resin wicker(synthetic rattan), this cane-like material can unify the balcony with nature, and in such case, it will be exposed to sunlight, rain, snow and strong winds. Some designs are made for small balcony, features 2 stackable wicker chairs matching a round or square 50CM table will let you turn the small balcony into a personal space to a temporary social space. With the aluminum structure, it is lightweight very easy for moving. If you have visitors, just take them out. Once they leave, stack them back.


More Room with Wicker Hanging Chairs

Before deciding to purchase a casual swing hanging chair, make sure there’s a beam that can provide a strong support for it. The quality manufacturer always uses extra-thick powder-coating aluminum framing. Hanging hammock chairs allow more floor space. Plus, they are always a stylish option. A crocheted one is perfect for a bohemian theme, a classic rattan looks fresh and cradle-shaped one is going to swing you to sleep.


Outdoor Reclining Lounge ChairCurl up in a Reclining Chaise Lounge

Fresh air, a nice view, the sun—what else is missing to make it an excellent place to curl up? A Wicker Outdoor Reclining Lounge Chair! Handcrafted by trained professionals with premium quality UV resin wicker materials assuring your set will last many years! With thick seat cushion upholstered with a great looking weather fabric accompany zippered, removable, cushion covers. What’s more, a footstool increasing your comfort when some chaise lounge designs with a pedal.


Build a Bar with Stools Slide under the Table

A bar set will instantly make your small balcony extra chic! Various designs -it’s just a matter of personal taste. Bar height table placed against the wall, with 2-8 pieces square bar stool which is able to slide under the table making it take up less space when not in use. Some by 3-piece composition synthetic rattan bar set would be a great choice for small balcony space.


Invest in a Collapsible Outdoor Table

Every room needs a table, including the balcony. A foldable aluminum table is going to make the place functional without consuming a lot of space. Just bring it out when needed. 60CM/70CM/75CM is the quite popular size, just depends on your balcony space room. There is quite a lot material table top for your options, a high-density poly lumber top, resin wicker hand-woven top, 100% aluminum top with the premium powder-coated finish, and some other resin material table tops are a good choice. An aluminum or stainless steel foldable table base can match for it.


Enjoy with a Modern Wicker Porch Rocker

Outdoor Rocking Chair Comfortable outdoor rocking chair in your balcony creates a romantic ambiance. Durable aluminum metal frame combines the synthetic rattan weaving features lightweight and rust-resistant. Colorful cushion or headrest included with polyester fabrics and sponge. You can enjoy the reclining rocking chair on your patio with comfortable, high back, and armrests provide you with a divine relaxing experience.

There are still many nice designs and items made for small balcony and garden not listed here. If you’d like to learn more from Outdoor Furniture Specialist the original manufacturer, welcome your discussion and suggestion at any time.


In short, when considering outdoor furniture for a small balcony, always remember

  • Keep in mind that a small balcony is not designed as a social space, which means it can support a certain weight only. Don’t fill it up with heavy furniture. Before actually decorating the area, have the columns, brackets, beams, floor, balustrade, and railing inspected by a licensed builder. While a handyman can help you install a few things.
  • Choose materials that are built to withstand all sorts of weather. These days, you can find outdoor furniture sets made of synthetic materials that possess the beauty of those that are made of natural materials.
  • Yes, you are in the budget but it doesn’t mean that you should settle for dirt cheap prices. Evaluate the quality before making a purchase. Visit different suppliers to find the best deal out there. Try to make clear the product of raw materials, quality assurance period, after-sales service, and so on.