You know the biggest difference between the Natural Rattan Furniture and Synthetic Rattan Furniture, would be that natural rattan is for indoor use, while Synthetic Rattan Furniture is widely for Indoor and Outdoor furnishing. Some individuals first see the synthetic rattan wicker weaving furniture, they would be surprised with the feeling like real wicker. In fact, synthetic wicker commonly substituted for natural wicker

Natural Rattan(or we call Organic Fibers) usually including several types: Bamboo, Reeds and branches, Grasses, Straw, and Cane. Those materials mostly to make baskets, storage containers, furniture and more in Southeast Asia.

Synthetic Rattan Fibers mainly includes PVC rattan, Nylon, Polyethylene and High-Density Polyethylene(HDPE) Rattan. Well, the first three are the outdated material, only HDPE Resin Rattan is the eco-friendly material, 100% Green. KR is always used HDPE manufacturing all of Outdoor Garden Furniture. Contemporary style contains Garden Dining Sets, Garden Sofas, Garden Lounge Chairs, Garden Swing Hanging Chairs.

Commercial Restaurant Dining Set KRDS603 Round Dining Furniture Set Outside Furniture

Round shape high back Dining Set made from HDPE synthetic rattan that looks more like natural rattan fibers.


Natural vs Synthetic Rattan Furniture:

On the one hand, we can not disavow that there are some similarities between natural rattan furniture and synthetic rattan furniture.

  1. Both natural rattan and synthetic rattan have the same smooth texture and wicker woven pattern.
  2. Both of natural and synthetic rattan furniture upholstered on the quality framing which can last for years.
  3. Both types of furniture offer different series, sofas, loveseats, chaise lounge, etc.,


On the other hand, there are quite large differences between them.

  1. Natural rattan cannot withstand the exposure to the outdoors. However, the HDPE Synthetic fibers infused with UV inhibitors that prevent fading in the sun, and will not break, chip or scratch in the harsh hot and cold weather.
  2. Natural rattan used to weave on wooden for the organic bamboo framing. HDPE synthetic rattan normally knitting on the powder coated aluminum or stainless steel construction, which ideal for all weather elements.
  3. Quality HDPE rattan furniture is much more durable. Whats more, it can apply to both Indoor and Outdoor. Natural rattan used to be restricted to home living room or bedrooms.
  4. HDPE Outdoor Rattan Furniture is quite easy for maintenance, unlike the natural rattan material must be carefully treated. That’s the reason that synthetic rattan furniture widely uses for home and commercial, restaurant, cafe, bistro, even the wedding, etc.
  5. Natural rattan fibers can be subject to damage caused by insects and small pests. Synthetic rattan never has such concerns.
  6. Natural rattan wicker commonly comes in neutral colors, while synthetic wicker weaving comes in a variety of colors for optional.
  7. Though the natural organic material materials without a doubt have an additional aesthetic appeal charm, HDPE resin wicker furniture is still less expensive than natural wicker.
  8. For natural rattan export, commercial inspection is necessary and supplier must offer fumigation certificate, while HDPE resin rattan furniture comes with green material, it is very easy for importing and exporting.

Overall, Synthetic Rattan weaving furniture is more popular than natural organic wicker weaving nowadays with the outdoor furniture contemporary style and wide usage, although there is long history which could date back to natural wicker weaving such as the basket made of natural fibers by Egyptians.

Patio Furniture Tripod Swings Wicker/Rattan Swing Garden Chair KRSC104

Outdoor Rattan Swing made from HDPE Rattan Fibers with the Natural Rattan Feeling