“Furniture industry has shown the fastest change since the reform and opening up policy.” At the recent national furniture industry working conference, Chairman Changling Zhu of China Furniture Association made such a summary.

We sort out the following data for your better review once again about the rapid development of the furniture industry over the past year.

Furniture Industry News

1) National concerned households follower users reach 4.29 billion

The home improvement trade union jointly issued today’s headline home industry on November 29th in 2017 big data. The data show that, only in today’s headlines, concerned about home-related information has reached more than 4 billion. What is interesting is that men’s attention to home improvement reached 58%, far higher than the 42% of female users, and among all users, 24-30 year-olds were the most concerned about the household, accounting for more than 50%.

2) Some furniture factory automation up to 60%

The robots became the “highlight” of local governments in Zhejiang, Dongguan, Foshan, and other cities. In those places, the degree of automation and intelligence of local furniture manufacturing enterprises ranked first in the country. These enterprises are gradually automating some of the processes.

One side, some spraying processes that cause volatile gases and lead to occupational diseases, robots take the place of labor to achieve “zero volatility and zero pollution”; For another, parts of key positions in some furniture Factory, such as opening material, drilling, packaging, storage, etc., which became the protagonists of the machine, the degree of automation factory has reached more than 60%.

3) Furniture company’s sales reach RMB 600 million from Double Eleven Day China

This year Double Eleven Day total sales of residential furniture achieve RMB 3 billion. The Top three named Lin Wood, QuanU, and Kuka which consistent with 2016. Among them, Lin’s Wood has been for five years in a row, their network sales ranked ninth and the total turnover exceeded RMB 600 million. Meanwhile, China Huari Household sales reached 128 million yuan and ranked the ninth in Tmall.

4) The main force of household consumption is 20-40 years old

There are 51,789 questionnaires which were collected and analyzed by Sina home and JD home decoration. Analysis insights into the overall picture of China’s domestic consumer groups in 2017 were drawn from such dimensions as the city, age, sex, educational background, family income and living space.

Data show that young people aged 20-40 years is the main force of household consumption, accounting for up to 79%, far higher than the other age groups nearly 4 times the total, of which the proportion of men slightly higher than Women, and families with annual income of 150,000 to 300,000 and 150,000 consumers accounted for up to 91%. Among them, the Nordic style is the most popular, accounting for 40%, followed by the new Chinese style.

5) Furniture factory laborers average monthly salary to be over RMB 5000

The labor shortage has become a headache for the furniture enterprise. As the demographic dividend gradually disappears, the labor force in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s gradually recede. As a result, the Cenozoic 90 labor force hit. Even with a monthly salary of more than RMB 5,000, it is hard for the young general workers to take root in the factory. In the past, RMB 2,000 to 3,000 the era of easy recruiting workers has gone forever.

6) Furniture industry main business growth up 11.03%

In the first ten months of 2017, the main business of the enterprises in the furniture industry above the designated size grew by 11.03%, with the profit up 11.2%, the output up 3.41%, the export up 5% and the fixed assets up 19.9%.

7) Over 2 million square meters annual exhibition area in 2017

With more furniture exhibitions, more scale, and better quality, the total exhibition area is over 2 million square meters. In 2017, many local furniture associations are planning large-scale furniture exhibitions in the first half of 2018, including Hangzhou Furniture Fair and Foshan Furniture Fair. The healthy and orderly growth of the exhibition also promoted the rapid development of the furniture industry.

8) Custom furniture growth more than 30%

Custom furniture to maintain the high growth rate of more than 30%, the entire furniture industry is the only rapid growth in the field of the subdivision. This situation also led to a lot of companies became engage in the customized business, and many of them have been successful in a trial business, for example, The Commonwealth, City Window, Ren Hao, Red apple, Dynasty, Si Kexin, Top100, Fei Mei, Palm Pearls, Qu Mei and so on.

9) More than 6 types other categories laymen participant in furniture business

Nowadays industry convergence is becoming a trend. Varies companies are infiltrating into the field of the furniture business, such as laymen from real estate, home decoration, home appliances, building materials, forest products industry, and software Internet companies. While bringing in new technologies, huge amounts of capital, innovative marketing, and management, which conducive furniture industry to enhance development.


The new phase to push a new life, it is not stagnant. In 2017, the furniture industry is continuously updated and constantly up-going. The data contain achievements and bright spots. Of course, these figures do not include the bitterness of the missing persons.